What The Hell Is Going On In (T)Here? – a MOBO Update

It is 7 July 2014 and a lot is going on in here!

I guess we’ve been a little bit quiet in releasing a lot of information about MOBO’s coming and goings over the past 6 months because:

  1. We’ve all been busy bees, and
  2. We’ve been waiting for all the balls to drop into place…

As we gear up for an onslaught of activity for the second half of 2014 and in to 2015, now’s a good time to share some MOBO news with the world – to family, supporters, funders, partners and friends.


1. 대홍수 Deluge (Directed by Jeremy Neideck)



This project has been in development for the past 4 years and it is finally ready to emerge world premiere (cue trumpets)!

대홍수 Deluge will have its world premiere as part of the 2014 Brisbane Festival in the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre from 17-20 September (YEWW!) Directly after Brisbane Festival the team will present the work in Korea as part of the 2014 Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance), PAMS and the Changwon World Music and Dance Festival.  All very bloody exciting!

2. 지하 Underground (Written by Nathan Stoneham and Jeremy Neideck)



So hopefully most of you have heard about this project by now. Its been popping up and down for quite some time and we love it with our whole hearts. When the project was conceived at the end of 2010, the grand plan was always to tour the project to Seoul and after our amazing season at APAM/WTF 2014 – we now have some more news.

지하 Underground  is off to the HiSeoul Festival from the 1-5th October 2014. We are beyond thrilled to have been invited to one of the biggest festival in Korea. The work will also be playing alongside the 2014 Seoul Performing Arts Market (PAMS) as a PAMS Link Showcase.

In January/February 2015, 지하 Underground will also venture down to MELBOURNE!!!!! (yey!) The project will be presented in partnership with the Darabin City Council Speakeasy program at the Northcote Town Hall. We hope to be presenting this as part of the 2015 Midsumma Festival – celebrating queer culture – if they let us in! (Surely…??) More information to come regarding dates and deets.

The AMAZING Fiona MacDonald from Imaginary Theatre will be joining the 지하 Underground team to help us deliver this tour of epic proportions.

****As a side note – the 지하 Underground and 대홍수 Deluge tours have allowed us to professional employ 16 Queensland Artists to tour 2 projects internationally. This makes us really really happy.

3. Or Forever Hold Your Peace (The Story of Iphigenia) (Directed by Dave Sleswick)



This project received its first outing/development in 2012 with the incredible team at Vena Cava Productions and will be making its way to the stages of La Boite Theatre as part of their 2014 Indie Season.

With a cast of about 20 sensational performers, this project will tackle Euripides tale of Iphigenia in Aulis through a contemporary Australian and highly political lens. It just so happens that the season of the work will be presented at the same time as the G20 Summit in Brisbane – a perfect time to investigate ideas around leadership in our current political climate.  We are incredibly grateful for the huge amounts of in-kind support from the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

I’m still on the hunt for a couple of key people to join the team in the co-op production including:

* an experienced male actor 35 – 65 years old to play the lead role of Agamemnon
* a design assistant
* a production manager to support the delivery and organisation of the work
* an emerging costume designer.

Email to request a little more info.

4. Shimchong: Daughter Overboard! (Directed by Jeremy Neideck)



This brand spanking new music/theatre work is a transcultural project that emerged out of Jeremy’s Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor’s Fellowship where he spent 3 months with the National Theatre of Korea.

Thanks to HotHouse Theatre’s Month in the Country Residency, we will be travelling to Wodonga (VIC) to a beautiful farmhouse in the country for 2 weeks in July/August 2014 for our first development.  We’ll then return to our lovely home at the Brisbane Powerhouse for another 2 weeks creative development in February/March 2015.

A few more successes along the way from the artists I work with:
–       Jeremy Neideck was award one of three positions in the Australia Council’s Australia Korea Connection Initiative – a joint initiative with the Korean Arts Management Services (KAMS)
–        Little Dove Theatre Art has recently been commissioned by the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery (CMAG) to create a new live art work as part of their new exhibition ‘Pulse’. The performance ‘From This’ will premiere at the Gallery in October 2014.
–       Nathan Stoneham was a recent recipient of the 2014 Lord Major’s Fellowship through the Brisbane City Council which will see him travel to Mongolia, Korea and New York throughout 2014/15.
–       Nathan Stoneham, Younghee Park, M’ck McKeague, Candice Diana recently presented their new Offset Art work, The 떡볶이 Box (The Dokboki Box), at the 2014 Next Wave Festival and at Metro Arts and totally smashed it!

OK GOD DAMN IT – THAT WILL DO FOR NOW! – aaannnnnddd breathe….

We have been fortunate enough to receive an incredible amount of financial support over the past 12 months from a range of funding bodies and partners. A full list of these can be found below. THANK YOU DEARLY!

It is important for me to note, amidst all of our wonderful and exciting news, that it has been a less-than-glamorous year for funding for the arts in Australia with massive impacts to many companies, especially in my home-state of Queensland. The reason for acknowledging this in the midst of a rather excitable MOBO update, is because we, as an eco-system of artists, do not take our successes for granted. We are eternally grateful to all of our partners, funders, collaborators, audience members, family and friends who help us along the way and who believe in what we are trying to perpetuate into the world. We are incredibly privileged and it is something I try to remember everyday amongst the difficulties that we can find ourselves up against.

If you have read this far – thank you for sharing your time and we look forward to sharing our art with you in the coming months.


And with LOVE,





대홍수 Deluge

Director: Jeremy Neideck
Composer and Sound Designer: Dane Alexander
Lighting Designer: David Walters
Production Designer: Sarah Winter
Producer: Dave Sleswick | Motherboard Productions
Production Manager: Morgan Aldrich
Technical Director: Daniel Anderson
Performers and Collaborators: Hoyoung Tak, Younghee Park, Youngho Kwon, Katrina Cornwell, Sammie Williams, Jeremy Neideck, Amy Wollstein

대홍수 Deluge has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, by the Australia Korea Foundation, Ausdance Queensland, Metro Arts and through Creative Sparks, a joint initiative of the Brisbane City Council and Arts Queensland. 대홍수 Deluge was originally developed with the support of Red Moon Rising, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and REM Theatre

The Korean Tour for 대홍수 Deluge has been financially supported by the Seoul International Dance Festival, Changwon World Music and Dance Festival, the Australia Korea Foundation and the Australia Council for the Arts through Market Development’s Going Global Funding.

지하 Underground

Director: Jeremy Neideck
Co-Writers: Jeremy Neideck and Nathan Stoneham
Production Designer and Assistant Director: M’ck McKeague
Lighting Designer: Daniel Anderson
Costume Designer: Noni Harrison
Producer: Dave Sleswick, Motherboard Productions
Stage Manager: Candice Diana
Production Assistants: Alex Lencz, Kelsey Stables, Matt Higgins, Zoe Cobon, Andy Ackerly, Kinlyside
Originating Lighting Designer: Hamish Clift

Performers: Tak Hoyoung, Park Younghee, Lee Chunnam, Thom Browning, Jeremy Neideck, Nathan Stoneham, Abe Mitchell

지하 Underground was developed with the support of Metro Arts and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and through the assistance of Arts Queensland.

The Korean Tour for 지하 Underground has been financially supported by the HiSeoul Festival, the Australia Korea Foundation and the Australia Council for the Arts through Market Development’s Going Global Funding.

Or Forever Hold Your Peace (The Story of Iphigenia)

Director: Dave Sleswick
Sound Designer: Dane Alexander
Lights and Scenography: Daniel Anderson
Original Text: Charles Mee
Writer and Dramaturg: Morgan Rose
Stage Manager: Candice Diana
Perfromers: Thomas Bartsch, Zoe Cobon, Rowan Davie, Chris Farrell, Kitty Gatling, Rachel Gobel, Jose Gonda, Amy Ingram, Kieran Law, Robbie O’Brien, Sam Plummer, Kevin Spink, Steph Tandy, Peta Ward, Ben Warren, Janine Watson, Amy Wollstein

Massive thank you to Queensland Performing Arts Centre for their generous support of this project.

Shimchong: Daughter Overboard!

Director: Jeremy Neideck
Collaborators: Kathleen McLeod, Tom Dickins, Younghee Park Polly Sara, Ben Warren, Hoyoung Tak, David Morton

Shimchong: Daughter Overboard! has been supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, it arts funding and advisory body, Hot House Theatre, Korean Arts Council and the Brisbane Powerhouse. 



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