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“A richly textured and striking work.”

Dance Australia Magazine

Conceived by Jeremy Neideck and realised by an international team, Deluge: 물의 기억 is a new experimental dance project that is the result of a long-term, transcultural collaboration and dialogue between artists from Brisbane and Seoul.

제레미 나이덱이 잉태하고 한국과 호주의 공연예술가들에 의해 탄생된 Deluge: 물의 기억는, 약 4년여간의 다문화적 협업과 끈질긴 대화의 결실로, 브리즈번과 서울의 공연 예술가들이 공동 창작한 새롭고 실험적인 댄스 프로젝트입니다.

Plunged into the depths of a feverish dream, the audience bears witness to a cycle of rituals and meditations that conjure up ancient myths of waterlogged gods.

관객은 마치 온몸을 뜨겁게 달구는 신열로 인해 꿈의 세계로 빠져 들듯이, 오래 전 물에 잠긴 신들의 고대신화를 공연 자들의 명상과 제의적 몸짓의 순환을 통하여 목격하게 됩니다.

Subtle transformation, explosive choreography, and dynamic amplified vocalisation, combine to explore the deep sorrow and sublime ecstasy that are hallmarks of Korean culture, refracted through an Australian lens that evokes a paradoxical relationship with one of nature’s most destructive elements – from droughts to flooding plains.

미묘한 변신, 폭발적인 안무, 역동적으로 증폭되는 공연 자들의 발성은, 한국 문화 특유의 한(恨)과 신명의 탐구와 결합하여, 자연의 가장 파괴적인 요소 중 하나인‘물과 인간의 역설적 관계를 호주인의 시선으로 환기 시킵니다 – 가뭄으로 메마른 땅에서부터 홍수로 잠겨버린 평야에 이르기까지.


Director | ChoreograpgherJeremy Neideck
Composer | Sound DesignerDane Alexander
Installation Artist | Space DesignSarah Winter
Lighting DesignerDavid Walters
Associate Lighting DesignerDaniel Anderson
Costume DesignKiara Bulley and Bianca Bulley
Originating Costume DesignNoni Harrison
ProducerDave Sleswick
Production ManagerMorgan Rose
PerformersHoyoung Tak, Younghee Park, Youngho Kwon, Jaehyun Noh, Katrina Cornwell, Sammie Williams, Ellen Rijs, Jeremy Neideck, Amy Wollstein (Rotating Cast)


Cast Size | 7-8
Touring Party | 11
Length of Show | 60 mins
Touring Availability | This project has existing touring dates in Asia in April 2015. Please enquire about extending these dates. Production available to tour 2015/2016.
Tour contact | Dave Sleswick |




Metro Arts FreeRange Creative Development Festival 2011 – Brisbane
(Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Metro Arts, REM Theatre, Red Moon Rising)

The Loft (QUT) 2012 – Brisbane
(Supported by Ausdance Qld, QUT Creative Industries)

2014 Brisbane Festival
17-20 September, 2014, Brisbane Powerhouse
(Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Brisbane City Council, Australia Korea Foundation, Brisbane Festival and Brisbane Powerhouse)

2014 Seoul International Dance Festival
11 October, Gangdong Arts Centre, Dreem Theatre, Seoul
(Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Australia Korea Foundation, SIDance)

2014 Osan Cultural Centre
14 October, Osan, South Korea

(Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Australia Korea Foundation, Osan Cultural Centre)

2014 Seoul Art Space_ Mullae – Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Free Event)
18 October, Seoul, South Korea
(Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Australia Korea Foundation, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)

2015 Namsan Arts Center
16 – 25 April, Seoul, South Korea – ON SALE NOW
(Supported by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and the Australian Embassy, South Korea)


Deluge was first developed in partnership with Red Moon Rising, Metro Arts, REM Theatre and the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

The second stage development was supported by from Ausdance QLD, QUT Creative Industries, and MAPS for Artists.

The premiere season of Deluge is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, The Australia-Koreas Foundation, through the department of Foreign Affairs and Trading, Brisbane FestivalBrisbane City Council, and The Brisbane Powerhouse.

Previous contributing devisors on Deluge include:

Ellen Rijs, Kat Henry, Mark Hill, Mary Eggleston, Jana Penshorn, Terry Hesketh, Stuart Clifford, Genevieve Butler, Haidee Gaudry, Giema Contini, and Polly Sara.

…and thank you Roger, for initiating the Australia Korea International Cultural Exchange Program and giving this project its first breath of air.

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