심청 ⟨Shimchong⟩: Daughter Overboard!

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World Theatre Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse 18 - 23 February, 2016

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Following sold-out seasons of 지하 Underground in Brisbane and Seoul, Motherboard Productions returns to WTF in 2016 with a bold new work of transcultural storytelling.

만약 인당수가 아닌 인도양에 ‘심청이’가 뛰어든다면? 그리고 그녀를 다시 바다로 뛰어들게 한 것은 무엇인가?

Most Koreans can recite Shimchong’s tale… Her mother died in childbirth, her father is blind, and she sacrifices herself to the Dragon King – the god under the sea – in order to restore her father’s sight. Sent back to the surface in a lotus flower, her destiny is to become queen.

태어나자마자 어머니를 여의고, 맹인 아버지의 눈을 뜨게 할 공양미 삼백석을 얻으려 스스로 용왕의 제물이 된 소녀. 소녀는 한 송이 연꽃에 둘러싸여 수면 위로 떠오르고 곧 황후가 될 운명을 맞이하게 되는데….

But what if Shimchong was reborn in Australia, 2016; a young woman burning with revolutionary desire? Join us on this fast-paced, multilingual romp as Shimchong traipses through an Australia that seems to have gone to the dogs.

한국의 대표적 고전 심청전을 모티브로 한 오태석의 대표작 ‘심청이는 왜 두번 인당수에 몸을 던졌는가?’를 호주의 이야기로 대담하게 각색하고 재구성한 ‘딸: 물에 빠지다’가 2016년 호주 사회의 문을 두드린다. 만약 우리가 알던 심청이 동시대 호주에서 다시 태어난다면 그녀는 우리에게 어떤 이야기를 선사할 수 있을까? 만약 그녀가 전통적 개념의 효녀 이기보다 열정적인 혁명가의 모습으로 나타난다면? 여러 복잡한 문제에 직면한 현대 호주 사회를 배회하는 심청의 여정은, 여러 언어가 교차하는 극적 언어의 향연 속에 급박하게 당신의 앞을 스쳐 지나가게 될 것이다.

This dark, political, and often hilarious retelling combines contemporary pop and traditional Korean music with physical theatre in an event that is as uniquely Australian as it is Korean.

어둡고 묵직한 정치적 메시지 속에 유쾌한 해학이 살아있는 현대판 심청 이야기!

팝 음악과 한국의 전통 음악 그리고 신체 극이 어우러진 이 공연은 전에 없던 생경하고 독특한 경험을 관객에게 선사할 것이다.

VENUE: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

Full $35*
Concession $30*
Schools (10+) $25*
For schools enquiries and for more information regarding our workshop offerings, please contact us

*An additional fee applies to each booking transaction. Single tickets $3 / Multiple tickets $6.


Thu, Fri, Sun, Tue 7.30pm
Sat 2.30pm + 7.30pm,
Mon 10am + 8.30pm

(100 mins)


Director Jeremy Neideck
Co-WritersJeremy Neideck and Kathleen McLeod
Executive ProducerDave Sleswick
Associate ProducerMatt Seery
Assistant Director Hoyoung Tak
DramaturgDaniel Evans
Lighting DesignerDavid Walters
Production Designer Josh McIntosh
Associate Designer Hahnie Goldfinch
Original Music by Tom Dickins
Sound DesignersDane Alexander and Jeremy Neideck
Stage ManagerPip Loth
Assistant Stage Manager Emma Healy
Featuring PerformersHoyoung Tak, Younghee Park, Dahye Chu, Giema Contini, Anthony Major, Ben Warren, Alinta McGrady
Marketing and Communications Manager (Korean Audience Development)Yejin Park
Director's Assistant M'ck McKeague
Production PhotograpghyFenLan Chuang
Promotional PhotograpghyViktor Rijk


The development and presentation of 심청 ⟨Shimchong⟩: Daughter Overboard! has been supported through funding by the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Queensland, Korea Foundation and Brisbane Powerhouse.

This project was also supported by HotHouse Theatre’s Month in The Country residency program, Queensland Academy of Creative Industries and Queensland Theatre Company.

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