지하 Underground


‘It blurs the distinction between love, gender and friendship, and does this with a gentle exuberance that builds through moments of heartbreak to a pounding anthem celebrating individual freedom.’

The Courier Mail

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Let your curiosity guide you to 지하 Underground, a pop-up Korean speakeasy that has taken root in a forgotten corner of your city. Prepare to drink the night away with the venue’s eccentric proprietor, as a tale of love transcending culture, language and gender unfolds to rhythms created by his staff, a ragtag crew of musicians.

Every hour is happy hour as you allow yourself to indulge in a mix of live music and magical storytelling amidst a transitory world conceived by director Jeremy Neideck and presented by Motherboard Productions.

호기심이 이끄는 데로 따라오다 보면, 당신은 어느새 브리즈번의 잊혀진 구석에 자리잡은 한국의 바(Bar)지하 언더그라운드를 만나게 될 것입니다. 사장님과 주거니 받거니 술잔을 기울이다 보면, 바 종업원들로 구성된 오합지졸 밴드가 만들어내는 멋진 선율 속에 국경과 문화, 언어와 성性을 초월한 사랑 이야기가 펼쳐 집니다.

라이브 음악과 마법 같은 스토리 텔링이 뒤섞인 이 찰나의 세계는 연출가 제레미 나이덱의 상상으로 출발하여 마더보드 프로덕션이 선 보입니다. 잠시 여러분 자신을 이 세계에로 초대하신다면, 매 시간이 행복한 시간이 될 것입니다.

Post-show, 지하 Underground‘s bar stays open, bursting with performances by special friends and lovers.

공연 후, 지하 Underground 바(Bar)에서는 특별한 친구들과 연인들의 특별한 공연들이 계속 이어 지며 바도 오픈되어 있습니다!


DirectorJeremy Neideck
Co-written byJeremy Neideck and Nathan Stoneham
DramaturgMaxine Mellor
ProducerDave Sleswick
Production Designer and Assistant DirectorM’ck McKeague
Lighting DesignerDaniel Anderson
Costume DesignerNoni Harrison
Stage ManagerCandice Diana (with Alix Lencz in initial season)
Production Assistants and Assistant Stage ManagersKinlyside, Zoe Cobon, Andy Ackerly, Matthew Higgins, Matt Seery
CastTak Hoyoung, Park Younghee, Lee Chunnam, Thom Browning, Jeremy Neideck, Nathan Stoneham and Abe Mitchell
Initiating Lighting DesignerHamish Clift


Cast Size | 8
Touring Party | 12
Length of Show | 90min
Touring Availability Limited
Tour contact | Dave Sleswick



3 x 2011 Matilda Awards Nominations

Best New Work (Jeremy Neideck and Nathan Stoneham)
Best Director (Jeremy Neideck)
Best Musical

2011 Del Arte Award Nomination

Best Actress (Park Younghee)

Winner 2012 Greenroom Groundling Awards

Best Musical Theatre Production

Previously Seen

November 2011 – Metro Arts Independents Season – Metro Arts, Brisbane

September 2012 – Brisbane Festival, purpose built pop-up venue West End, Brisbane

February 2014 – World Theatre Festival and the Australian Performing Arts Markets, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane

October 2014 – Hi Seoul Festival, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, South Korea

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